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Save money on stone restoration with reconstructed stone

Restoration of stone does not have to be expensive. A traditional method of restoring stonework suffering from damage and erosion is to use natural stone replacements and/or indents to replace the original stone. However, replacing the entire stone is expensive and is not necessary in most cases. A modern technique for the restoration of stone is to use reconstructed stone.

Similarly, cracked masonry can also be fixed without the need to remove and replace with new stone. Using a procedure called stone stitching (using stainless steel to re-enforce damaged stones) a cracked lintel can be fixed in a fraction of the time and cost than that of replacing it. The takes skill and craftsmanship and expertise but when done by an experienced master stonemason, the finish is seamless.

We've successfully restored many stoneworks using this process, saving our customers time and money. To see an example read our article on how we restored an old Terrace using reconstructed stone.

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