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4 reasons why you shouldn't delay re-pointing your stonework

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

You know your stonework is in need of some attention, when bits of mortar start breaking off, stone starts becoming loose, or you notice water seeping through (the easiest way to spot this is damp or wet stone).

Re-pointing may not seem that urgent or necessary, especially if it's only a small section of a larger area of stonework that needs repair, or is hidden from view, but there are good reasons why it's best dealt with sooner than later.

Instant makeover

Re-pointing can give your property a new lease of life, freshen up old stonework and restore its beauty, taking it back to the day it was first built. By removing the old mortar joints and replacing it with new mortar, it removes ugly gaps and revitalises the stone.


It's not purely for aesthetics, a well executed re-pointing job can also stop erosion to the stone and its foundations, and prevent dampness which can otherwise lead to larger problems such as rotting timber joists and floorboards or mold in your home.

It lasts a life-time

Re-pointing when done correctly should only be needed once every 50-100 years, depending on the environment and surrounding conditions. So you should only need to get it done once.

Saves you money in future

Re-pointing can help prevent further damage to your stonework which if left unattended may increase the costs. A bit like an insurance policy against further damage.

If you want to extend the life of your stonework, then re-pointing will do that and more.

York Stone Restoration can help with any re-pointing work you may have. Get in touch for a free quote, email today.

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