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Expertly created stonemasonry work can add the perfect touch of style to your exterior and interior, make a stunning impact to your property. Our portfolio features many projects built or restored from natural stone. With more than a 1000+ stonemason projects completed, we have built all types of stonemasonry and consistently receive excellent reviews from our customers.


If you can't find an example of the project you're looking for, reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

  All the images featured on this website are the work of York Stone Restoration.

We can help with any project 


Rebuilding of a sandstone steps and front stone wall at Lavender Bay

Restoration of sandstone fence at Kirribilli

Cladding of  entrance pillar with intercom



Restoration of windows.

To learn more about our modern restoration techniques, read our reconstructed stone case study 



Building and restoration of sandstone fireplaces.

The first image shows a sketch done by our customer depicting their vision for the fireplace, complete with mantle and built into a sloping ceiling. Using reclaimed stone the customer already had on site, we were able to build a fireplace to their exact requirements, and within their budget. The completed fireplace is shown in the second image.