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Bringing your stonemasonry ideas to life

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Have an idea of new stonework you'd like built in your home? A new fireplace or a new feature wall? But not quite sure on a few fine details in your design?

A well built stone feature can add value to your home, create a stunning focal point in your space, that lasts a lifetime.

We've helped many customers create their dream designs from sketches on a paper napkin to CAD drawings designed by architects. Whatever your vision, we can build it exactly to what you have in mind. And provide tips along the way. View our portfolio for inspiration.

The owner of this home at Oatley wanted a new fireplace, built into a sloping ceiling with a mantle above the fire, using stone already on the property to save costs. The plan was sketched out on piece of paper in a two dimension diagram, and the fireplace built with precision and skill taking care to create it exactly as the customer had in mind.

The result was a stunning fireplace creating a beautiful feature set against the backdrop of ceiling to wall windows. We're pleased to say the owner was delighted with the new addition to his home.

With over 25 years experience in stone construction and restoration, we can make your vision a reality. Whatever your design. Talk to us today.

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